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Scorpion Express Line Corp is an American company licensed by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) and Bond (insurance).

Our sustained growth over the years has been based on the personalized treatment of our clients, which has put us at the forefront as a valid, serious and responsible alternative in Maritime Transport. This has led us to become involved with our clients in the logistical support for the development of financial loans, promoting their growth in their respective countries by advising them on obtaining loans from financial entities in the United States, thus strengthening and developing greater commercial ties between different nations.

Scorpion Express Line Corp, serving thousands of clients since 1999 in the maritime shipping and cargo shipping market from the main ports of the United States to the entire planet, we are firmly advancing with the new millennium at the pace of the world and its congested reality ; especially in the Latin American market as specialists in project cargo and breakbulk.

Scorpion Express Line Corp, understands the demands of the very changeable world of maritime transit, and with this concept anticipates the needs of the transport of any type of cargo anywhere in the world.

We serve our clients as NVOCC (Non Vessel ON Common Carrier) benefiting them from the best contracts with the most important shipping companies. Scorpion Express Line Corp is dedicated to chartering merchant ships for routes where there is no satisfactory regular service, thus providing a solution to all kinds of demands.

We simplify transactions by advising Letters of Credit for shipments based on credit loans. We also advise on merchandise purchases and ground transportation within the United States to the destination port for subsequent maritime shipment to the final port.

Scorpion Express Line Corp specializes in shipping all types of cargo, such as containers, trailers, trucks, heavy machinery, project cargo, and breakbulk. We have ramp services (roll on roll off) for trucks, cars, machines, etc. and lifting loads (lift on – lift off) mainly for containers.

As NVOCC we adapt to the specific needs in the shipment of breakbulk cargo from different destinations outside the United States, such as wood, rubber, paper, etc. mainly between the countries of Latin America. Within the United States, Scorpion Express Line Corp transports cargo from any of its main ports, especially Miami, Houston, Jacksonville, Brunswick, Long Beach, Tacoma, Galveston, Port Everglades, Tampa, New York / New Jersey, Baltimore, Wilmington and San Diego.