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We are your trusted ally in your import and export operations, our services being known and recommended by our own clients who already know us and know what they can get from us.

Sea Freight

Shipping is the last to be loaded and the first to be unloaded, reducing time and risk
transfer. Our vast experience makes us leaders in maritime transport, guaranteeing seriousness, punctuality and security in shipments,

Ground Cargo

To better support your logistics needs, we are continually evolving our transportation services. Our transport service has been reinvented so that your cargo reaches its destination safely.

Air cargo

Our Air Cargo service has been designed for clients who need their products to be delivered urgently.

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WorldWide Service

About Us


Scorpion Express Line Corp, understands the demands of the very changeable world of maritime transit, and with this concept anticipates the needs of the transport of any type of cargo anywhere in the world.

We serve our clients as NVOCC (Non Vessel ON Common Carrier) benefiting them from the best contracts with the most important shipping companies. Scorpion Express Line Corp is dedicated to chartering merchant ships for routes where there is no satisfactory regular service, thus providing a solution to all kinds of demands.

We simplify transactions by advising Letters of Credit for shipments based on credit loans. We also advise on merchandise purchases and ground transportation within the United States to the destination port for subsequent maritime shipment to the final port.

Scorpion Express Line Corp specializes in shipping all types of cargo, such as containers, trailers, trucks, heavy machinery, project cargo, and breakbulk. We have ramp services (roll on roll off) for trucks, cars, machines, etc. and lifting loads (lift on – lift off) mainly for containers.

Why choose us?

Because we are able to guarantee a comprehensive service throughout the logistics chain
and a complete assistance to the participants of the same to the measure of each one of our clients.


Our collaborators and suppliers comply with a code of conduct and ethics «zero hidden commissions» that guarantees our clients reliable and timely information, confidentiality and clear rules regarding collections.


Scorpion Express Line Corp, since 1999 in the maritime shipping and cargo shipping market from the main ports of the United States to the entire planet.


We have all the customs and state certifications required to  operate as NVOCC


Our facilities in the United States allow us to store or ship your merchandise. We have computer logistics, warehousing and real-time delivery notification systems.